New Family Information

The Homeschool Academy is an optional public school program, that offers part-time ,supplemental, enrichment based educational programs for existing homeschooling families in Bonner County. We specialize in unique educational opportunities in the arts, sciences, and outdoor education while building  strong social interactions .  Please read through our course offerings and our student handbook for more detailed information about our amazing program!

One thing that makes THSA work so smoothly is because students and staff work together throughout the year  to build  a respectful community that upholds the 3 R's which are Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Ready to Learn.  These guiding principles govern how we behave and how we engage in our learning community.   Additionally, we have a strong parent group who are involved in the program and who support and enhance our programs in many different ways.  

If you are interested in our enrichment program, you will need to either attend a new family orientation or schedule a meeting with the Director.  After meeting, and if there is a space available for your child to attend 1 or 2 days/week, then you will be invited to make an appointment at the LPOSD #84 District Office to complete enrollment.  New family orientations typically occur 2 times/year in April and in May depending on volume of interest.

At this time, we are most likely at capacity for attendance. Occasionally openings occur in specific age groups. Please contact the Director by email, to enquire about availability.