Learning Sessions

Hello Families,

I have created a brief outline to describe the each of the sessions that will be offered for Fall 2020. I will send out the outlined weekly syllabus for each session, closer to the start of school in September.

I suggest you select your first favorite day, second favorite day, and if you are interested in a third day, please indicate that this is your third choice.

Because the class sizes this Fall are limited to 15 per classroom, it might be tough for you to get even two days, so plan on one or two days.

Please look over the sessions scheduled. As you can see, there are Arts and Sciences scheduled on each day for this school year.

It is important for you to know, that all instructors will teach on the same days throughout the school year. It will be the topics that change. The only topics that are progressive for the year are the Music Session on Wednesdays, with Mr. Baker and the ASL Session with Mrs. Wagner on Thursdays.


The Seussical Musical with Miss Keely

This is a weekly Musical practice for Seussical, with our Stage Event being on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th of 2020. Students who sign up to participate will be expected to attend the Rehearsals on Friday, October 23rd and 30th and also on Friday, November 13th and 20th (10am till 2pm each day) Many of the students who auditioned last year, will be communicated with in late July or early August.

Computer Protocols with Mr. Olsen

Many parents have requested that their student learn proper computer search and use protocols. For the 3rd through 8th graders, many detail aspects of computer use will be covered as well as copyright laws and how to write a successful research paper without plagiarism, etc. For our Little’s, it will be more of learning the keyboard, their alphabet and numbers, and other cool computer functions.

Fall Inspired Art with Mrs. Mac Donald

Anyone who was fortunate to be in Mrs. MacD’s art session last year, you will know what I mean when I say, plan to have an amazing creative time with Mrs. MacD, using items from nature to inspire your ART.


Strength and Agility Training with Ms. Rossman

Getting Fit for Ski and Ride Season, need I say more? Please join me for sweat, tears, and laughter, as we all get ready for “The Season”.

The United States Constitution with Mr. Olsen

This session will take us all on a journey to learn about the founding documents, founding people, and world events that shaped America from the beginning. This session will be facts based on historical documents and records.

Hunter Gatherer: A Historical Perspective with Miss Hilary

Students will be lead on a historical journey (by Miss Hilary, need I say more…) of the various biomes on the planet and the peoples who historically existed and survived in these zones. Students will also make items weekly that go along with the depth of the lesson.


Music with Mr. Baker

Mr. Baker will be guiding instrument instruction, as well as instructing voice and music appreciation activities. The Little’s will use the 7 string Lyres, the Middles will focus on the Ukulele, and the Bigs will carry on with the guitar. Various instruments will be included through out the year. Efforts will be made to meet the various levels of growth for the instruments, in each session. (Students in this session will have priority sign up for this day, for the entire year. Students, who wish to join in, in any of the following sessions, will need to audition for Mr. Baker and Ms. Rossman.)

Math Language (Tutoring) with Ms. Rossman and Mrs. MacDonald

This class promises to enrich your child’s love of math and all of the language associated with math. Weekly lessons, activities, games/challenges for groups and individuals will be the norm. Many of you who followed me as a tutor, I believe will understand, how fun math can be for your child.


Animal Taxonomy with Mrs. Dryer

This weekly session will guide your child through understanding the Animal Kingdom, in a way that only Mrs. Dryer can lead them through. Each week students will be guided through science activities that will engage them in learning more about animals then they ever imagined. The focus will be on domestic and farm animals.


American Sign Language with Mrs. Wagner

Mrs. Wagner is a licensed and professional American Sign Language Interpreter and Educator.

(Any student who attends the Fall Session will have priority sign up for Thursdays for the remainder of the year. If you wish to sign up after the Fall, you will need to prove your abilities in this language, as that this is a one year session in ASL.)

Wild Crafting Arts with Miss Hilary

With an entirely new set of weekly wild craft activities, students will be given the opportunity to make tools and crafts from nature, and hear the wonderful stories that Miss Hilary often shares.

The History of American Folk Music with Miss Chloey

This session will delve into what makes American Music, American Music. Students will be introduced to an array of traditional folk instruments, learn traditional songs origins, and stories from American Music History. I believe our newest Instructor Miss Chloey, will inspire students.