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In 2016, the Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 hired MS. Melinda Rossman M.A., to design and implement a public school program for Homeschooling Families in Bonner County. To this day, The Homeschool Academy (THSA) is a one of a kind public school, for homeschooling families, in the State of Idaho.

After interviewing several homeschool families, it was determined that families were looking for three things: education opportunities in the sciences and arts, and also socialization opportunities for students. THSA still holds true to these original requests.

When the Idaho State Department of Education was informed of this new LPOSD #84 School, they had to devise a definition as to what it meant, this type of school had not existed in Idaho previously. The State Department of Education designation is: A part-time supplemental educational service for homeschooled children within Bonner County”. A student is considered in attendance, by attending one day per week at minimum.

Students and parents to this day, help to form upcoming sessions. Annually students and also parents, attend meetings with the Principal, and everyone has a voice in “what next”. It is the job of the Principal, to facilitate these opportunities happening.

In the beginning, during the first two years, it was just the Director/Educator Ms. Rossman M.A. leading the sessions. As the programs success spread throughout the community, Ms. Rossman needed to start looking for qualified instructors to support the vision of the programs at the school and support the increased number of students.

At the completion of the second year, with nearly 80 students regularly attending, LPOSD#84 renovated a building, so that THSA would have a larger home/school building to operate in, starting their 3rd year.

Here we are beginning the 5th year, and we have reached our capacity at our facility, with 120 students. Up to 45 students per day, can attend. Students can select one or two days of attendance per week and make a commitment for the entire session. There are three sessions per year and each session block offers new courses, (called sessions).

The school continues to evolve and grow, with outstanding standards based, out of the box teaching. Ms. Rossman was designated Principal/Lead Educator and now guides all the instructional staff in writing their own standards based curriculum. All curriculums are reviewed, edited, and approved by the Principal.

The Homeschool Academy is a growing Educational Institution, where community, cooperation, collaboration, communication, and creativity are fostered. Students and staff work annually to devise each years Agreements of Understanding. These agreements are posted on the wall for all to see and these agreements work as a guide for behavior and learning all year long.

The ongoing mission of THSA, is to guide a community of learners, who contribute to the direction of their learning path, by having an active voice in “what next” and having all students make the commitment to engage fully, in the learning opportunities provided.

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