New Family Information

The Homeschool Academy is an optional public school program, that offers part-time supplemental educational programs for existing, homeschooling families in Bonner County. We specialize in unique educational opportunities in the arts, sciences, and build strong social interactions through whole school team building events.

One thing that makes the THSA work so smoothly is because students and staff work together at the beginning of the year and devise our “Agreements of Understanding”. These are the rules that govern how we behave for the entire year. Students then work together to make posters of these and they are placed in an appropriate location at the school. These Agreements are revised at the beginning of each new session: September, January, and April of each year.

Attendance is required at a New Family Orientation, with the Director, prior to registration at the LPOSD #84 Office. These events occur once during the month, of October, January, and July.

At this time, we are at capacity for attendance. Occasionally openings occur in specific age groups. Please contact the Director by email, to enquire about availability.