Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to The Homeschool Academy and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Our enthusiasm, commitment to education, and solid teamwork will ensure each and every student’s success during the next ten months and beyond.

At The Homeschool Academy, we all work closely together as a team: students, parents/guardians, school district administration, school board members, the school’s principal, and educational staff. Each member has a specific and essential role. When this teamwork is solid and fluid, our students will excel academically and emotionally.

Most Important Roles and Responsibilities:

Students: Perform all tasks to the best of their ability. Be respectful at all times. Come to school ready and enthusiastic to learn, share ideas, cooperate, and collaborate. Come prepared for a successful day. Be prepared to give one hundred percent in their participation, everyday in every session.

Parents/Guardians: Ensure children arrive and leave the school on time, every day. Be prepared to communicate with the principal on a consistent basis, and encourage their student’s progress all along the way. Support their student in being prepared for each day. Support the Principal, in addressing behavior issues should they occur.

Educational Staff: Ensure that the children have rich learning experiences, which cause them to wonder and grow as thinkers and learners.

When we all commit to our essential roles and responsibilities, our students will grow immensely this year, as citizens and as learners.

Principal: As an Educator and the Principal of The Homeschool Academy, I promise you, that I am committed to work my hardest every day to continue to develop and lead this incredible school. I feel so fortunate to be able to deepen the educational experiences of our students.

My mission is: “to help support every member of our HSA Community, so that this work can continue to produce students who believe anything is possible, if they work hard enough, and long enough. This will ensure everyday; learning will inspire every student. Everyday every student will feel free to be creative. Everyday every student will lead by example through cooperation, collaboration, and communication.”

In addition, the HSA, scheduled learning activities will give your student rich extension activities, in their individual education journey.

I hope to see you volunteering, in our classrooms, joining in your student’s outdoor adventures, and attending our other exceptional events. Thank you for all you do in advance! This is going to be an amazing school year!

With warm regards,

Melinda Rossman M.A.

Principal/Lead Teacher

The Homeschool Academy, LPOSD #84